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Hayward & Associates LLC, founded in 2003 by Cynthia Hayward, focuses exclusively on predesign planning for healthcare facilities — including facility master planning, space programming, mergers, and various types of feasibility studies to support the building of new healthcare facilities or repurposing existing ones. Our unique approach integrates facility planning with market strategy, clinical services planning, operations improvement, and investments in new technology.

A major investment of dollars in healthcare facilities should result in enhanced customer service, improved operational efficiency, and increased flexibility — in addition to contemporary, better-engineered, and code-compliant buildings."

Cynthia Hayward, FAIA
Hayward & Associates LLC

About the Founder

Cynthia Hayward, FAIA, is an internationally recognized leader in healthcare facility planning. She is one of the first architects to develop a specialty practice in predesign planning — to help healthcare organizations plan facilities that are patient-centric, efficient to staff, and flexible to accommodate future changes in medical practice, technology, and workload.
Founder Profile

She has assisted hundreds of diverse healthcare organizations over the past 40 years to economically and efficiently plan their capital investments — providing an objective assessment of their needs based on a foundation of market, utilization, operations, and financial data.
Significant Projects

Cynthia Hayward has advised over 160 healthcare organizations across the United States in planning new or repurposed facilities. Her clients include academic medical centers, large healthcare systems, community hospitals, and outpatient centers. She also advises architectural firms during the schematic design process.

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Her expertise has been sought by the two largest health authorities in British Columbia and the Government of the Northwest Territories. Early in her career, she surveyed hospitals throughout Canada while developing the Evaluation and Space Programming Methodology Series.

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SpaceMed Guide

A Space Planning Guide for Healthcare Facilities

Laptop with SoftwareCynthia Hayward's step-by-step workbook and space planning templates in Microsoft™ Excel, help architects and planners in over 40 countries plan flexible, state-of-the-art hospitals, ambulatory care centers, and specialized healthcare facilities. The fourth edition is now available and continues to align with the FGI Guidelines. SpaceMed Website

SpaceMed Essentials

Cynthia Hayward writes about current issues facing healthcare facility planners and architects in her blog. SpaceMed Blog

Healthcare Facility Planning: Thinking Strategically
Published by the American College of Healthcare Executives

Book CoverThis book by Cynthia Hayward is a practical guide for healthcare executives on predesign planning — a stage in the healthcare facility planning, design, and construction process that is frequently overlooked as organizations eagerly jump from strategic planning into the more glamorous phase of design. The second edition is published by Health Administration Press. ACHE Website